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2-Way Bucket!

US Patent # 6,052,926

2 Way Spinning Ditching Bucket
2 Buckets In One
Dig forwards or backwards without repositioning.
Easily dig against walls.
Dig square holes.
Greatly simplifies clean-up.      The best clean-up bucket on the market.


2-Way Bucket2-Way Bucket2-Way Bucket With Back Teeth2-Way Bucket With Back Teeth

 2-way_thumbClick Here for a video of the LEA 2-Way Bucket (5.9 mb).

Testimonial #1

"It’s great!...Nice for making a square hole..It is two buckets in one! It is very versatile!.... I would say that it cuts 25% of the time off of the job....Your machine can stay in one spot!...For catch basins you can dig a perfectly square hole!...It is great for cleanup of top soil!...This bucket is great!"

James Rush of Franklin/ Bloomfield CT
The Mather group

Testimonial #2

"Great for pulling slabs and stripping blacktop!....Likes both the clean-up version and the trenching version with teeth on the back....Saves time tremendously!....This is a very versatile bucket...In an 8 hour day you would probably save 2 hours!.....You don’t have to reposition yourself or the machine to do your job!....You can work both ways...I would recommend this bucket for any application because of the versatility of it!"

Val Paradise of Plainville CT.
Piedmont Corp. for 25 years

2-Way Bucket!

The 2-Way Bucket greatly increases the capabilities of the backhoe or excavator by allowing the operator to have a shovel style bucket and a trenching style bucket at the same time! The internal swinging plate has welded stops that allow the plate to swing back and forth and hold the material on whichever side the operator chooses to use. When the trenching side is used, the baffle swings toward the rear and the stops hold the baffle plate to hold the material. When the shovel side is used, the baffle plate swings toward the front and the stops hold the marterial in that position. The capacities of either side are approximately the same. The uses for this combination trenching and shovel bucket are up to the operators imagination!


This is Real Productivity!

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